GROSS: Yeah, wow. So I have a theater question for you. And this is literally about the structure of the theater, the building itself. As a theatergoer, I love going to the theater. But the thing I really dread about it is intermission when you're waiting on that endless line to use the bathroom. And you're hoping that the show doesn't start before the line is over and before you get to actually use it. And I think some new theaters are opening with more restrooms - you know, with more stalls in the restrooms and more stalls in the women's room than the men's room to take into account the longer time, et cetera. From your perspective of somebody who's been producing theater for a long time and who knows a lot about the history of the theater, do you think that the restroom problem has improved over the years? And why did it take so long for anybody to figure out that they need more?


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